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I'm a mother of two and a wife of 1 lol. Originally from England,  Right now I am a stay at home mama although I've worked in numerous childcare positions in the past. My passion is books I can read for hours given the chance. In my free time I product test and write reviews for fun, I also write a blog. 
We are big soccer fans at my house, We love outdoor advantages such as hiking, biking and attending sporting events. My daughter is a mini me we share a love for all things country!

My husband and I recently joined the gym so fitness is a big part of our day..

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Friday, June 11, 2010

ignorance... soccer and reads

Really what is wrong with children these days! I have just watched two 4yr olds gang up on my 3yr old son, and when I asked them why they where being mean to him, he said because his older brother told him not to play with my son. Which is fine you cant make kids play together but these kids are always stealing my baby's toys and trying to beat on him. So I got mad and told them if I see them being mean or hitting on my son again they will be sorry.... I mean why would I even bother going to speak to there moms any mom that leaves there 4yr old child outside to play alone all day long clearly doesn't give a damn. They might as well be getting raised by wolves! BUT then one of the moms come out and takes there kid inside as though there the innocent party.... lord have mercy!!! because I can't stand it.


So I haven't read much due to the world cup lol. God I love my soccer! I think I might possibly give birth early by the time the world cup finishes! Today finished group A all with a point each...anyways

I did however pick up the latest vampire diaries book... ugh so what can I say? well not much as Ive only read the first 2 chapters but I'm normally a fast reader and when I get into a book I cant put it down, I don't get this feeling with this book. I don't know I am not a huge fan of L.J smiths writing. Elena seems to be the same spoilt shallow girl she always has been. Maybe I am Judging too soon we will see.

On the positive true blood is back this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited I love the show just as much as the books. Although the show isn't exactly the same its very close, like Alan ball says if something isn't broke why try fix it. In this case I have to agree, and although the books aren't the greatest ever written I love them... Mrs Harris is quirky, funny and sexy. They are fast and enjoyable reads and I find myself waiting all year round for the next book. A must read for any trubbie. A summer filled of team Eric i can hardly contain myself... for those who don't have HBO you can catch up with the show on www.flickpeek.com

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