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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bree Tanner

This book is about the 2nd life of Bree Tanner, a young vampire made to be a part of Victoria's army in her war against the Cullen's. Stephenie Meyer has a unique style a thorough style of writing which I truly enjoy I am never left feeling anything is missing.

The Bree Tanner story just adds another level to the twilight saga.. in the other books we don't hear about the Newborns side of the story. This book gives us a lot of insight I enjoying reading about the inner struggles of Bree, and the manipulation of the other vampires.

I wished there would of been more Bree and Diego's relationship they had an element of Bella & Edward. If Bree and Diego would of lived I believe they would of been a good edition to the Cullen clan.

We always knew The Voltori had there own plan but we actually see how under handed they are, my favorite part of the story was hearing that Bree was able to tell Edward everything she needed to before her final death.

I originally thought this book was going to be over kill after all Bree was such a small character in the saga. I was wrong this book told the story from another point of view and definitely worth the read for any twilight fan 4* out of 5

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