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Friday, August 6, 2010

Becca Fitzpatrick Hush, hush.

Description: Partnered in biology with new student Patch, 16-year-old Nora Gray starts seeing things she cannot explain. At first she's both drawn and repelled by her lab partner, but when she sees V-shaped scars on his back, Nora learns Patch is fighting an ancient battle between the fallen and the immortal.

My Opinion: It's been a while since Ive read a book and said WOW. I love this book!! it's extremely well written..the love tension with the element of mystery was the right balance. I have to say I didn't really guess the bad guy... but "Miss Green" did have me wondering about her character from the start.

I really liked Nora I thought she made a wonderful main character, although I wasn't overly fond of her name.. kind of left me saying blah.
Patch is amazing hes the right amount of jack ass you need to get to know. He reminds me a lot of Ash from the L.J smith books but with a little more to him.
If you only read one book this year then this would be it!!! 5 out of 5

I cant wait for Crescendo out October 19th.

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