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Monday, December 6, 2010

Catch up!

I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving I spent mine in MA with my husbands family. I like MA but its very cold it feels so much colder then NJ. Black Friday shopping we got a few bits during the day - nothing crazy like the 3am wake up call from the year before. I did try stop by toys r us for there 12am opening but there where like 600 people in line, some had small babies with them too! I honestly don't know what some people be thinking.

We ate Turkey and Pork it was super Delicious... my extra baby weight isn't going anywhere until after the holidays that's for sure lol. We also switched Christmas gifts with everybody there (sophia got her 1st dollie) since we will be in Florida this year, and not with them.. I am so excited about this years trip!! the 1st Christmas I will be spending with my bro in 6yrs!

Ive already done my tree, I did it the day after thanksgiving.. I was in two minds about it since we go to FL very soon but I honestly think I love my tree more then the kids so I couldn't not put one up! It looks fabulous if i do say so myself.

HOME DEPOT have trees real cheap! (my tip of the day lol)

The kids also wrote letters to Santa we took them to Macy's and posted them in the mail box there, I encourage everybody to do it!! for every letter they get they donate a dollar to make a wish foundation.. a very good cause!

Ive also already done two trips to Santa... I'm on the ball thid year! Its hard getting the perfect picture with one baby and a toddler.

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