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I'm a mother of two and a wife of 1 lol. Originally from England,  Right now I am a stay at home mama although I've worked in numerous childcare positions in the past. My passion is books I can read for hours given the chance. In my free time I product test and write reviews for fun, I also write a blog. 
We are big soccer fans at my house, We love outdoor advantages such as hiking, biking and attending sporting events. My daughter is a mini me we share a love for all things country!

My husband and I recently joined the gym so fitness is a big part of our day..

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ouch that hurt!

I haven't wrote a blog in what seems like forever! Here is the down low... Ive been trying hard to loose my baby weight, let me tell ya pregnancy changes your body in soooo many ways. If i didn't love my kids the world I think i could cry lol.
So at the recommendation of my husband (there was my first mistake :) ) I tried the P90x work out.... I wrenched my neck and ended up having to go to the doctor for an x-ray!

Headaches, Fever, sickly,dizzy, weak... I was a wreck! Turns out I also had a very low white blood cell count due to a infection I didn't know I had (so I guess I should thank him for that after all). SO YEA neck muscles in spasm and an infection GREAT, I really thought I've been dying for over a week. Which sucked because super mommy can not get sick with two kids let me tell you that's a fact.

Due to this I haven't read much boo boo boooooo! Although let me tell you guys about a great little series I like very much its called sweep by Cate Tiernan it has a Wicca storyline. There is 15 books altogether.. but here is the great news, they are re-releasing the books in volumes each volume will contain 3books and its only like $7 for them!!!! BARGAIN and well worth the read so check it out!

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