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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dat 19 of Boycott Vday

Favorite Book & A Favorite song from a movie soundtrack

This is hard because I like so many books its hard to just pick one favorite!!!! BUT one of my favorite stories would have to be:

From Twilight


Heather said...

City of Glass is amazing. I started to take down all my favorites from my shelf to photograph together and I realized my pile was getting huge. lol. So I went with the largest book of them all (length and height), The Host. And I do love it. I actually almost started rereading it again, but realized I needed to sleep :)

I'll have to reread TMI when City of Fallen Angels comes out, or at least COG.

melissa said...

I loved the host when i first heard about it i thought oh no but i was very suprised its a great book