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Monday, March 7, 2011

Halo alexandra adornetto

Angel Bethany Church and her heavenly siblings Gabriel (yes, that one) and Ivy have been sent to a small town on a vague goodwill mission. Bethany’s territory is high school, where she tries to blend in despite her ethereal glow and blissful naïveté. Soon she is swept up into a chaste romance with impossibly good boy Xavier Woods while being tempted by a potential demon, Jake Thorn. Jake shows his horns by engineering the suicide of Bethany’s classmate, and the forces of heaven and hell predictably clash. But when Bethany’s and Xavier’s lips meet in a kiss of true love, Jake is flung back to hell.

My Opinion:

When I heard Alexandra was only 17 at the time of writing this book I truly didn't know what to expect. Wow o wow I was so very impressed!! The girl has a lot of talent.
The book had its aspects I really loved and one or two I didn't.. The religion mythology was good very well done not to heavy, I felt just the right amount.
I really enjoyed Ivy even though she couldn't really relate to how Bethany felt she tried her best to protect and guide her.
Xavier was such a genuine male character and love interest for Beth I could of easy fell in love with a boy like that. I thought the "teenage first love" drama was done well.. although I loved Beth and Xaviers relationship it kind of bugged me that Beth (the angel with powers) always had to be the one who needed help from Xavier (the human). I guess it was because Beth was still figuring out how to be human on earth but I wanted her to do something for him once in a while too.

I felt maybe there mission was lost a little caught up in the fight for a girl, and I didn't really like how Gabriel was portrayed as hard and not sympathetic in the beginning of the book. I get that he is very important and has a lot to do but this is not how I think an angel would be... lucky throughout the book he seems to mellow (finding Xavier for Beth when shes got depression).
Jake as a bad guy was pretty nasty however it kind of makes me laugh how a fallen angel goes back to highschool and kicks it to a teacher... yea thats on my top ten things to do if I go rouge lol.

Over all I was impressed I thought maybe it was a little long for what was happening in the story, but I did very much like the Characters... even the bad guy! 

4 out of 5

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