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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent, Help and books

I have not Blogged since the 8th! shame on me lol. BUT I have been busy its lent and I have been making an effort to look at myself and working on things that need changing.
We have been doing a "rice bowl" which is a box that we put money into, the money is what we save by having one less coffee a day or one less happy meal in my son's case for the duration of Lent.
Its a very nice idea because the money goes to hungry children in countries like Honduras and Haiti as well as U.S.A. Of course I personally love this idea since my husband is from Honduras so he knows first hand the struggles there. AND the shocking fact I discovered was 1 in 5 children in the U.S.A don't know where there next meal is coming from. You can get involved too click here to help

Moving on:
Books!! I recently read

Kristen Miller: The Eternal ones

A story of multiple reincarnations of personalities who can't let go of their past. As they live each life, they strive to alter events somewhat to succeed better at their goals of love, greed, or power in a future life. Haven Moore is a high school senior who has had visions of previous lives since she was a small child. Her strict, religious grandmother and guardian insists that she is possessed by demons. Haven believes she is being driven to find the current reincarnation of her true love. The teen is a fine seamstress and has saved $12,000 making prom dresses with her gay friend, Beau. As her small-town world closes in around her, she decides to make a run for it to New York City, where she has seen the love of her lives come back in the tabloids

 I liked this book a lot it wasn't just a simple love story, it was also full of twist and turns! The mystery kept you guessing through out the book. Although the first 150 pages are just about Haven I loved learning about her shes such a great character and Beau was my FAVORITE! hes totally awesome.
I love the deep south vs NYC style of life and all the history of Iain and Haven's past life.
The ignorance of snope city and Havens grandmother got me kind of mad, I wanted Mae Moore to grow a back bone! I just hope in this day and age not many people are actually like that..

Pittacus Lore:  I am number 4
I Am Number Four follows the story of John Smith, a 15-year old alien from the planet Lorien, and his guardian, Henri, as they run from the Mogadorians, another race of aliens that are hunting down John and the other eight teenage Loriens, who all make up the Garde, living on Earth. The Garde consists of all Loriens who have special Legacies and powers. The teenagers are protected by a charm, which only allows them to be killed in a set order. John is Number Four

I saw the trailer for the movie before having heard of the book, but since I always like to read the book first that's what i did.

I enjoyed the book I liked the John and his relationship with Henri... I liked Sam and Sarah even mark at the end, however no one made me feel like "wow" Well maybe the dog lol he was cool.

This book was interesting, a good read, sort of reminded me a little of the host by Stephanie Meyer. It wasn't exactly a fast pace page turning read but it had its moments... The fight chapters where pretty well written. I even shed a tear at the end!!
I did enjoy the book I just felt maybe there was something missing.

I give both books a 4 out of 5.

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