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Monday, March 28, 2011

Protest in London

I am so proud of the 250 thousand people who marched in protest against the British Parliament we have right now, I have to wonder who would even vote these people in power. I was gutted when I first heard and I am even more gutted to see what they are doing to my country. Its being run by money hungry rich people who have no idea what its like to be a working class member of society. School teachers, nurses and students all marched through central London and rallied in Hyde Park, one of London's biggest public gardens, with banners another group burned a giant model of a Trojan horse made by art students and dragged into central London.

Britain is facing 80 billion pounds ($130 billion) of public spending cuts from Prime Minister David Cameron's coalition government as it struggles to get the country's large budget deficit under control. The government has already raised sales tax, but Britons are bracing for big cuts to public spending.

As many as half a million public sector jobs will be lost, about 18 billion ($28.5 billion) axed from welfare payments and the pension age raised to 66 by 2020, earlier than previously planned.
Help for the elderly, disabled and students are all being cut, medical care is threatened to be all privatised.

This is the toughest cuts to public spending since World War II.

After the country spent billions bailing out indebted banks, and suffered a squeeze on tax revenue and an increase in welfare bills, Treasury chief George Osborne has staked the coalition government's future on tough economic remedies.

Its a disgrace and I honestly hope the people are heard!

Photos' by a friend of mine - Katie Whyte

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