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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Work Out

OK so I have been saying I wanted to get in shape for 5months now.. I cant keep using the "I've just had a baby excuse" As much as I would like too!
BUT I am a busy mom of two children with lots to do during the day. Not to mention I have extremely bad will power and motivation when it comes to exercise I start off well but it kind of dies away.
WELL my good friend Samantha told me about these awesome free work out video's shes been doing on YouTube by SPARK PEOPLE.
It turns out Spark People have a website its FREE, you can do the diet and exercise plan or just take tips from it. The video's are maybe 15minutes long ITS AWESOME! I mean even I can find 15minutes in my day.
I thought this find was too great not to share.... here is to the Bikini body in me yet! woo hoo.

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