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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Shout out!

I am giving a blog shout out to ReadingTeen.Net This is my most favorite blog for YA book reviews! The blog is run by 2 mom's and there teenage children. I love there style of reviewing and they offer cool features such as IMM (in my mail) which is a weekly video of the coolest books out right now. PLUS Second Hand Saturday - A contest held each week giving us the chance to win a book, YES I said EVERY week.
Recently I won this contest!!! YAY.. I received the book below with the book mark, AND its signed by the author! Awesome! Thank you Andye.

They also offer a whole bunch of contests aside from the regular weekly one.. and what I love most is.. NOT BEING THE ONLY ADULT WHO LOVES YA BOOKS

Please check out these ladies and there kids



Rea Rea said...

Thank you so much!! You are too sweet!!

Andye said...

OOPS!! My daughter must have been on my computer! ^^^That was my comment! :D