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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bright Young Things

The year is 1929, NY is ruled by Bright Young Things: Flappers and socialites seeking, thrills and Chasing dreams, In a time where anything goes era of the roaming Twenties

First of all I love love love the Caption inside the book cover (written above) What a way to leave an impression! I knew I wanted to read this book right away.
The cover is also beautiful - Anna Godbersen true to form just as her previous books had.

Bright young things is about two friends wanting to escape a small Midwestern town for the big city. Each have there own dreams to chase, Letty wants to be on the Stage and be a star while Cordelia is looking for the Father (a bootlegger & gangster) she has never met.
This book is definitely a coming of age story in the beginning they have a naivety about them and how life is going to be. Through out the book they deal with trials and tribulations, heart breaks, betrayals and revenge. With out a doubt the characters developed and changed by the end of the book.

Cordelia falls in love with the son of her fathers long time enemy - she has to decide whether she wants to follow her heart and betray the only parent she has, or follow her fathers advice to let go because in the end blood is always thicker then water.

Letty in a bid to become famous refuses the advice of a gentleman and trust's the wrong person putting herself in a compromising situation - Is she really willing to do what every other girl her age is doing to get to the top, which involves seedy men in back rooms of hotels?

I thought both Letty & Cordelia needed to hold there friendship to a higher value, I was saddened and upset to see that they where able to let go of each other so easily.
Charlie surprised me I wanted to dislike him and for a while I did but I think by the end he shows himself to be a loyal person.
Astrid I liked I thought she had a genuine heart even if she was a little weak when it came to Charlie, having said that her mother wasn't exactly a role model for her.

I liked the book and cant wait to see how the story continues! 4 out of 5

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