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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kresley Cole

The Immortal after dark books by Kresley Cole.

Book list & main characters

Playing easy to get - - Nikolai Wroth, Valkyrie Myst
A hunger like no other - Lachlain MacRieve, Emmaline Troy
No rest for the wicked - Sebastian Wroth, Kaderin the Cold Hearted
Wicked deeds on a winters night - Bowen MacRieve, Mariketa the Awaited
Dark needs at nights edge - Conrad Wroth, NĂ©omi Laress
Dark desires after duck - Cade of the rage demon,s Holly Ashwin
Kiss of a demon king - Sabine, the Queen of Illusions, Rydstrom Woede
Deep kiss of winter - Murdoch Wroth, Daniela the Ice Maiden
Pleasure of a dark prince- Lucia the Huntress, Garreth MacRieve
Demon from the dark - Malkom Slaine, Carrow Graie
Dreams of a Dark Warrior - Aidan the Fierce, Regin the Radiant

I loved this series from book one to book 11... Kresley Cole has a fantastic writing dynamic that brings her characters to life in very descriptive ways.
Her stories are based around a group of Immortal women called the Valkyrie. Who are kick ass feisty women each with special fighting talents. And the men who are from the Lore also Immortal but of a different kind - Demons, werewolf's, vampires, witches - Who they are mated with (whether they want to be or not!)
What I love the most is all the characters are linked brothers, cousins, sisters, aunties! Which means a lot of the characters we meet again and again so the reader will end up having favorites (mine is nucking futs nix lol)
Each story is filled with adventure, romance (in the bag fulls) action and even humor.
I read all 10 books in just a few weeks once you start the series its hard to turn away!!.. fast enjoyable great summer reads and I recommend them 110%

I just need to get my hands on the new book LOTHAIRE a vampire we have met in a number of the other books. I'm so excited to hear his story

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