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Friday, August 5, 2011


I am tagging along with a new Friday feature on my blog its called:

 Fridays are to re-cap the week's posts &  propose a question for my followers to answer.

This Friday's Question:

Taking it Personal: Which books have effected you on a personal level and lingered in your mind long after you closed the pages?

I read a lot of books so I tend to forget about them more often then not. But the one I do think about and mention often was "13 reasons why" by Jay Asher.
If I am honest it's not even that the writing impressed me that much, because it really didn't but what stuck with me was the moral of the story.
Last year we heard of so many kids who died or attempted suicide due to bullying and I cant imagine how it would feel to be that alone & lost.
Jay Asher's story gives us a little insight into that when we listen to a teenage girl who with a series of tape recordings explains how all these other kids affected her life & they didn't even know.
There is definitely a lesson within this book! I always say they should put it on a high school reading list.

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Amy @ bookgoonie said...

I need to get my copy out and read it. I just don't want to be sad. Thanks for sharing. Stop by if you can http://wp.me/p1h3Ps-qT

I Eat Words said...

13 Reasons Why is definitely a good book. Very touching and I think it should be taught in classes.


-Melissa @ Reading by Moonlight said...

I have nominated you for the Liebster blog awards! Check it out at my blog