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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angel burn - LA Weatherly

Author L.A Weatherly
Publisher CandleWick Press
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Willow is a high school student who is psychic. She does a reading for a friend that lands her in a whole world of trouble, through the friends thoughts she finds out that angels are preying on the energy life forces of humans to live. Leaving those humans with mental issues, sick with illness such as cancer and basically dying. (Angel burn)

The angels find out about her and set out to kill her because it is foreseen that she will be the end of the Angels. Willow finds out that she is in fact half angel and the mental illness her mom has suffered from all her life is actually the result of 'angel burn' from the encounter she had with her father.

Alex is an angel killer but when he gets a message to kill Willow Fields a teenage girl who seems different from your average preying angel he starts to question the intelligence hes working for. When Willows life becomes in danger he knows hes the only person that can help her stay alive.

My opinion:

This book was very surprising I have to admit I was very apprehensive about reading it, Preying angels who try to kill off humanity, well it kind of goes against the grain! When I think of angels I think of marshmellowy goodness lol.
I am also not a big fan on books with religion I feel like an author can go really wrong when dealing with a subject like that.
But I was TOTALLY wrong although this book is about angels, its not about worshiping a religion more like gullible people falling for a con and ending up in a cult.
It was a unique concept and different (in an awesome way) read. The author was very imaginative and the story was strong and the writing fluid.

Willow was a wonderful character I loved her and bonded with her so much! Shes so independent, thoughtful and strong, the way she cared for her mother I found remarkable and my heart ached for her with the struggles she had to go through. I really felt like her and Alex where kindred souls (yes I am a sucker for teenage love)

Alex reminded me a lot of patch (HUSH HUSH) I found him deep and wise for his age. Although he was strong and tough I loved watching him open up his heart to let Willow in.
I felt like I was part of there adventure, That I was the one who escaped across the country and was hiding out in the wilderness. The author in my opinion did an incredible job captivating the reader.

I actually shed a tear when it came to Willow and Alex it was all so emotional!!! LOL.
I really did enjoy this book it was a great read and I can not wait for book 2... Angel Fire which comes out the end of the year.
If you love Hush Hush you will also like this series too I am sure. CHECK IT OUT!


Andra said...

WOO! I've had this one just chilling in my Kindle for a while now and haven't really gotten around to reading it. You make me wanna drop everything and get to it so I can see this Willow/Alex thing! I am a total sucker for teen romance! Thanks for the great review girly!

melissa said...

Alex is yum i loved him go for it!

Melliane said...

I'm glad you like this one, it sounds like a nice book ! I really like the cover, and a book about angels different from other ones? everything I can love. thanks for the great review

BookJunkie said...

I haven't heard of this one before, but I think I'm gonna be adding it to my (gargantuan) TBR list! Candlewick has some great titles, don't they! Great review, as always, Melissa!
Courtney (FCB)