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We are big soccer fans at my house, We love outdoor advantages such as hiking, biking and attending sporting events. My daughter is a mini me we share a love for all things country!

My husband and I recently joined the gym so fitness is a big part of our day..

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Friday, October 14, 2011

TGIF 10.14.11

Happy Friday fellow book lovers, I hope you had a productive week! TGIF is a feature brought to you by greadsbooks.com/
This weeks question is: Where do I grab a book and get lost in it, Where is my favorite place to read?

OK so generally I can read ANYWHERE! LOL when the kids go to the play ground I take a book. This summer at the pool I took a book. But my all time favorite is on my couch after my kids go to bed I turn everything off so there is NO sound and sit beside my lamp and just read. Of course a large mug of coffee is in the picture some where. But  I just love when I can do that.

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Alexa said...

Same here, I can read pretty much anywhere. But I love my bed the best these days!

M.A.D. said...

Me, too! Nothing beats escaping to the cozy comfort of my bed with a yummy book! :D

KTJ said...

I can pretty much read anywhere also! But I just love reading in the absolute silence!

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