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Friday, February 10, 2012

Revew - Jeaniene Frost One Grave at a Time.

Cat and Bones are back fighting the evil of the undead world. This time in the form of ghosts - Heinrich Kramer was a Witch hunter while alive which resulted in many young women who were innocent losing there lives. Every Halloween his ghostly form becomes solid and his killing continues -
The only problem being is how do you possibly kill a ghost? Cat can no longer rely on her power she got from the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans as that has run its course.  Its up to Cat and Bones to come up with the solution to this problem.

My Opinion

I have got to be honest I was so unsure about this book when I heard the plot.. Ghosts? I wanted kick ass Vamps that we have always gotten and loved. I am very glad to say I was wrong and I loved the direction in which the author took.
We see a lot of favorite characters - Denise, Spade, Ian, Tate as well as some new characters such as Tyler who I loved and thought brought a lot of humor to the book with his witty and quirky personality.  I love that the gang came back together because it makes it more fun getting to know them all over again and learning something new each time.

I thought Cat and Bones seemed more solid this time around which was awesome and they are still as sexy as ever as a couple.
Just when you thought you had the plot figured out the author throws a twist in the story by adding Cat to the list of victims.... Awesome!!! She always manages to write the greatest build ups and fight scenes in her books.

I enjoyed reading this book and can not wait for the next book in the series... Jeaniene Frost continues to be an author that's adventurous, solid and thorough in her writing and characters.

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sandra said...

Bones is my favorite, can't get enough of him.