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Monday, May 28, 2012

Fitness journey update

So I've lost 10lbs total !!!!!! It hasn't been easy but I am honestly enjoying it! I eat well I'm far from hungry which is a drag with most diet and exercise changes. I have started drinking protein shakes which also help with keeping you fuller longer. Chocolate has been by far my favorite shake, but really who doesn't love chocolate and at only 50 calories its a win for me.
As far as exercise goes my new Polar watch has been amazing, yes a little pricey at $90 but well worth the money! I get to see how many calories I burn and most importantly what my heart rate is doing.

I have found that Cardio is my most favorite type of exercise but as in everything if you don't mix it up you get bored. So I came across this work out DVD by Starz Global ...

Girls this is amazing! Cardio in 5 different styles including kickboxing and weights it has everything! and its broken down into 10 minute sections so some days when you are low on time you can still have an awesome work out! Great for us busy moms with kids at our ankles.

Its the little things that make me happy lol. I will keep you updated on my journey to the summer Bikini body.

Everything in this post is my personal opinion and experience, yours may differ its always wise to consult a doctor when starting a new fitness program

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