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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stereotyping is wrong

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I am seeing a lot of pictures, graphics etc about the colorado shooter saying things like well if he was black he would be a gangsta, a Muslim he would be a terrorist but because he's white he gets to play the insanity card. The media has to like him and he has to be seen as the troubled white boy.

Then I read the comments that people wrote, very negative how white people get a free pass with the law etc.

This makes me angry we are in 2012 and ignorance breeds hate.. Isn't there enough already in the world? We as adults should think before we speak because a generalization and dramatization of important matters can have very negative effects. I for one do not want my children to grow up in a world were every black man is viewed as a thug, every Hispanic uneducated, every white person a kkk hick.

What this man did in Colorado was unforgivable. This is practically a slam dunk case the only Option left for his lawyer is to try insanity... Do I agree no, do I think it's wrong yes but it's his right. Do I think he's getting special treatment because he's white..NO any lawyer would try this route it's the only one left regardless of his skin color.

The law sucks period there are too many issues that need fixing. We have people running around with guns because politicians are to scared to pass a ban.

Just this weekend a 4 year old was shot in the head at a basket ball game in the Bronx, 100+ people and yet nobody sees a thing.

A Rutgers student commits suicide after a room mate puts a webcam in his room to out him to the world that he was gay... That's a hate crime. He served 2weeks in jail!!! He wasn't white but Indian, sometimes injustice happens and it's wrong.

I have understanding for the outpouring of anger and hurt but we have to think where it's being directed.
stereotyping a majority for a minority is also wrong and unfair, if we as adults don't take the steps to change the ways of the world and instead fuel the ignorance fire. What will it be like for our kids?

A final thought: shouldn't we be thinking of those killed and injured rather that spreading more negativity, why give this evil man any more power then he's already taken from so many.

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