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Thursday, September 27, 2012

ARC - Love Unscripted, Tina Reber

Release Date - January 2013 paperback- Atria Books

Ryan is the biggest new thing in Hollywood he's the heart throb face of Charlies in the movie adaptation of best selling books Seaside. (I couldn't help but think of Robert Pattinson)
Taryn Mitchell is the owner of a local pub in her small town after suffering a broken heart from her cheating ex she's happy her life is finally back to normal and in some what of a routine even if her heart is numb.
Everybody around her is hyped and excited about movie stars being in town.. She doesn't see what the big deal is about.

Until Ryan runs in her pub doors asking for protection from the fans who are trying to mob him outside. He isn't handling the spot light too well and Taryn finds herself wanting to help Ryan as well as getting to know him as a man and not the Hollywood star he's known to be.

I loved the idea of this story it gives you a window into what it maybe like as a celebrity and while we always think of the benefits of stardom we rarely remember the down side.
Stalkers, paparazzi, lies... Who's real and who's fake? It's hard to maintain a level of privacy and protection for yourself.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters I wanted a happy ending for Ryan and Taryn after all they over come so much in this book. The author really did an awesome job when it came to developing character personalities - Marie, Tammy even Fran and Suzanne they all individually added something. I laughed, I cried and couldn't stop turning those pages!

This book is pretty lengthy I think it could of been a little shorter without taking anything away but I enjoyed the read non the less.

I can not wait for book 2!

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