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Friday, July 12, 2013

Exclave - short stories

eXclave - a BDSM erotic romance bundle (eXclave, #1 & 2)eXclave - a BDSM erotic romance bundle by Emily Ryan-Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

if you want a fast read that's fast to the point this is for you. Trapped in a business marriage Lauren feels lonely and spends her nights talking online to a man she only knows as master. After travelling across the country and having mind blowing sex with a faceless stranger, her husband makes a surprise return after years of being apart only to give Lauren exactly what she wants and needs.

A little sexy read that's for sure! The story is pretty transparent but still enjoyable. The characters where interesting, the only problem with short stories is I always want more!

Book 2 in the exclave series we meet Mac and Amy who have been together for a long time but over that time Amy has changed and become aware of herself sexually. she's now 30 and lost her way in life as a catalog model she's getting called less and less for work. She has submissive needs but is a afraid to tell her husband what she really needs in fear of a divorce.

Mac knows what his wife wants and needs but he can't bring himself to face her, having watched his father abuse his mother he finds it had to separate that from what Amy is asking him for. He doesn't want to become his father but he's scared if he doesn't do something soon his marriage will come to an end.

I enjoyed this story more... while both books where about a marriage in crisis this couple you could relate to. people do change over time and its about learning to change and adapt that keeps a relationship going. I loved reading of a couple that loved each other so much they where willing to do just that in order to keep there relationship strong.

Gritty and hot with the right amount of sweet and tender!

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