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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bonds of Hope Lynda Aicher bk4

Bonds of Hope (Wicked Play, #4)Bonds of Hope by Lynda Aicher
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Bonds of hope - Lynda Aicher
I've been a fan of this series since book one I eagerly await each book and bonds of hope did not disappoint.

Quinn Andrews shot to fame as a child actor now at the age of 25 she wants to leave that image behind for more grown up roles. She visits the Den as a means of research for an upcoming tv series. Marcus is the Dom that is volunteered to teach her the life style. Quinn finds him so stunningly attractive its hard for her to remember that this is just for TV.

Marcus isn't thrilled about being volunteered to teach a Hollywood diva how to be the perfect sub. That's until he meets Quinn Andrews she's so perfect for him and speaks to his soul he wants to protect her, brand her, make her his. Marcus makes it his mission to find out who the woman behind the actress truly is and how he can keep her in his life.

This was epic reading!! As much as I loved book 3 I thought it lacked intimacy...bonds of hope had it by the bucket load. The intensity of these two characters was amazing it blew me away, Aichers writing really painted a vivid picture. I fell in love with Quinn and Marcus they where just so sexy together it made my toes curl nd heart melt.

I also really enjoy the recurring characters and catching little glimpses into there lives and how their relationships are developing. I'm also excited about the new characters... I was on the fence about adding new people but it's really paid off and I'm super happy the series can continue.

I look forward to reading more.. I'm totally in love and invested in these characters it's one of my most favorite series of 2013. Lynda Aicher is one great talent.

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