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Monday, August 19, 2013

What a day

I'm losing all faith in the world honestly, today my son came home distraught because he was out with friends at a busy amusement park and lost his kindle fire ( he's 6 years old) he's hysterical and beside himself.

 I call the amusement park and speak to lost and found I tell them about my son's kindle and he all but laughs "sweetie nobody will turn in a tablet"

 At this point I am in tears yes I know it's just a electronic device but one we saved to get him and didn't come easy. I can't just replace this and while what he's saying is true did he really have to say it quite like that? Isn't it sad thinking about it though, a place full of people somebody found it and didn't think to turn it in?

 Then I contact amazon to see if they have a "find my" app like Apple which they don't... maybe they should think about it? So depressing :(

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Unknown said...

Ugh. A little sympathy never hurt anybody. I'll be hopping mad too. So sorry your boy lost his Kindle. I know my kids are quite attached to their electronic devices as well so I can understand how you feel.