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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Melody Anne Seduced book 3

Seduced (Surrender, #3)Seduced by Melody Anne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Melody Anne - Seduced

I've awaited this title for the longest! It's been pre ordered for what feels like forever and when it hit my kindle at midnight I stayed awake to read it and wasn't disappointed.

This book starts 3 years after Ari and Rafe's breakup, she's teaching community college and Rafe decides to become a history student in order to win her back. Which is no easy task because he as we know is used to getting what he wants..Now he has to woo the woman of his affection and learn to flirt ( which has its comical moments) but when he gets it right boy oh boy does he get it right! He's breathtaking.

Unlike the other books this story is split between three couples Ari and Rafe, Lia and Shane, and finally Rachel and Ian. I've always liked Rafe's sisters they where great side characters and its awesome to get a deeper look into there worlds and romances.
These women are able to bring these hot shot billionaire playboys to there knees! Girl power in full force.

The writing style is different: we get to see experiences and thoughts through all of the characters.. the different p.o.v element really deepened my love for these characters.

This book hit the ground running and didn't stop until The End! It has everything you could possibly want

A troubled tortured past - Shane
A man seeing the error of his ways - Rafe
Forever love - Lia
A love affair - Rachel

If that wasn't enough there is also a ship wreck, an island, a wedding, a baby, a kidnapping and a king....YES I SAID A KING I can hardly catch my breathe.
It was absolutely amazing reading and well worth the wait. I'm a devoted fan of Ms Melody Anne and she really stepped up her game with this series.

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Joyous Reads said...

Are these books fast reads? You've piqued my interest. :)

melissa said...

Yes joy especially how u read they would be considered fast

bookittyblog said...

Definitely want to read this series!

melissa said...

They are very good!