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Monday, December 16, 2013

H.M Ward - The Arrangement

The Arrangement: The Ferro Family (The Arrangement, #1)The Arrangement: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

H.M Ward -The Arrangement: this book is as far a 12 part serial story. I fell upon the Ferro family after reading Damaged which deals with another brother.

The Arrangement is about Sean Ferro a jaded business man who's dealt with a lot of heartache and darkness and now carries those ghosts with him.
That is until he meets Avery one night who is chasing after her car which was just car jacked and he stops to offers help.
He can't help but be drawn to her charismatic personality it brings light to his soul.

Little does he know that Avery is dealing with her own grief which Is eating her alive slowly, and there paths will soon cross with her new job as a call girl.

This is a couple that is dealing with heart breaking dark issues, who are trying to take solace in each other. The relationship they have is not conventional but you can't help but want a happy ending for them. When they are together it's mind blowing good!


"People that are only there during the good times suck. I’ve had enough leeches in my life, and I’m grateful for the friends I have now. It hasn’t escaped my notice that the people that I like the most are the kind that have been beaten by this life and didn’t lie down, face first, in the dust. We gravitate toward one another. Maybe no one has an ordinary life, but since that’s what I’m striving for, I’d rather not think about it. Chasing something that doesn’t exist would completely suck." - Avery

"Fear is like love. It has the same depths, the same intensity.” He’s watching me, running his finger along my cheek. He’s concerned that he pushed me too far too fast. Sean continues, “So does pain. You use pain the way I use fear—to forget.” -Sean

I was wary of these books so many people complained about the price of each installment $2.99 for a 100 or so pages which does seem expensive but once you start you can't stop, this became an addiction for me.

H.M Ward is amazingly talented and I don't feel that way often. The characters are so developed and complex you feel like you know them.
You deal with double crossing, manipulation, death and other troubling issues but at the same time will laugh so much it brings tears. Her story telling literally holds its all I'm in awe of her writing skill.

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