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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jodi Ellen Malpas This Man

This Man (This Man, #1)This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to netgalley for letting me review this title!

I always love books that are set in my home country and this book had me enthralled from page one with its country manner setting, which hid some mighty erotic secrets.

Ava is interior designer who's very up and coming, young ambitious and very driven. So when she's called upon to design at a rich manor she finds it hard to say no...when she finally meets Jesse sparks fly and the sexual reaction to him is uncontrollable. There are a million reasons why this shouldn't happen but when she's around him she loses all rational thought.

Jesse is a millionaire hot shot with serious control issues and many secrets. He's a man who's never been in a relationship and never slept with the same woman twice until Ava walks into his office and he knew he had to do anything to keep her.

This is intense reading and very fast I devoured every word. I mean Jesse makes Christen Grey seem normal, he's an utter train wreck but you can't help but feel compelled to get to know him...I wanted to know his story as much as Ava!

The sex is amazingly hot and powerful and I was totally in love with Sam and Kate I hope to see more of the blossoming romance between the two friends.

I even liked evil bitch Sarah every story needs a good villain! This isn't a hearts and flowers romance it's dark, dirty and gritty.. you don't have to understand the connection but it's addictive and makes for great reading

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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2)Beneath This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beneath this man is book 2 in the This man trilogy and picks up where book 1 left off.

Ava has become to need her lord even though he's a neurotic control freak. In the short time she's known him her life has been turned upside down. The manor, the women and now the drinking..what does she really know about this man who's captured her heart, and will he ever trust her enough to truly let her in?

Jesse is in over his head he's never felt this way about a woman..ever! And there has been plenty of them it's making him crazy literally. He's a man with history, with baggage and a dark past that grips his soul. He's terrified Ava will find out his secrets and run.

Their relationship is defiantly not what I consider normal and crazy frustrating at times..the author has you screaming at the pages. But it is definitely a page turner I promise you that

The sexual Chemistry between these two characters Is truly amazing and then there is the drama of getting past all these woman who Want claim to Jesse and all the jilted men who want revenge.

Jesse is a character you want to get to know, you Want to know his secrets and how he thinks, this is what keeps you reading..

Ava has claws when needed and I loved that by far my favorite part of the book was the Ava - Sarah show down I honestly lost my breathe!!

A nice little element was a scene at the end of the book retold from Jesse's P.O.V

So much drama in one book!!!! I loved it!

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