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Friday, February 21, 2014

Author Abuse

I love reading books, the characters, the worlds that let you escape every day living. So in turn I love the authors.. I'm in awe of such talent! Just like some people go crazy over movie stars or pop bands I get star struck communicating with some of my favorite authors.
That's part of the love of book reviewing for me.. Sharing my opinion with others and giving authors my feed back.

But do you ever feel like Authors get a raw deal? It came to my attention as of late that sometimes it seems whatever book writing path they take they in fact can't win.
I am a fan of the Sylvia Day Fan page over on FB and just the other day a reader slandered her:

"I'm sick of waiting for this book, you don't communicate properly with your fans, dragging out the series, what is the hold up"

It kind of sucked to read simply because it isn't true Ms Day always seems to be on her page giving updates or contests. She has been the first to explain about date set backs etc.
I don't pretend to know the in's and outs of writing a book but if you go with a big publisher, editor, production its going to take longer to get a book out.. simply because their are a chain of people, marketing and so on...

Then if you look at HM Ward she is an author that Self Pubs, her books are usually broken into smaller parts every 3 or 4 weeks to keep her fans waiting less. I see on a daily comments and complaints about the size of her books or the price tag. None of these seems to be any type of constructive criticism just plain abusive. Never mind this author publishes her books often, does have over heads (I'm sure) and always giving away items in contests or chances for ARC.

So its my opinion that authors truly cant win. Just a thought but if an author was to slack in a certain area of the process wouldn't their work suffer for it?
If you feel an author isn't for you then move on the other million out there. The great thing about books is I can read a book and another person can read the same book, but when we get to the end of it we can have two different opinions.

But the Abuse and I call it that because its exactly what it is... not needed! And frankly who would want to communicate with an abusive fan.

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