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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Juliette Jones - Billionaire

Billionaire: Complete Book (Billionaire #1-7)Billionaire: Complete Book by Juliette Jones
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was given to be in return for an honest review.

Lila is a good girl she worked so hard for her education she had to it was her ticket out of the hell she was living in. Having skipped grades and gotten her degree in 3 years she is ready to make a life for herself far away from the horrible upbringing she had.
Her first interview is with Alexander Wolfe the CEO of a publishing empire.
When she walks into his office everything changes, intensifies, its like walking into the lions den. This man is raw, beautiful and powerful. You can feel the attraction in the air, the pull its like magnets Lila knows she should be scared but oddly is excited.

Alexander was not expecting his appointment to be Lila, sweet curvy, long blonde hair, beautiful Lila. Who didn't seem to realize the sex appeal that radiated off of her in waves. He knew he would give her a job if not just to keep her around. There was a vulnerability in Lila that he could notice because he seen it in his younger brother Jake as well as himself and it called on him to protect her.

This book is the complete billionaire story parts 1-7. It gets off the ground running and doesn't slow down. Their attraction is full steam from the first meeting and continues to be crazy intense.

These characters are both damaged and that's what kept me reading, wanting to find out more of their history. Lila was the daughter of a single drunken mother who's random boyfriends would pay her the wrong kind of attention. While Alexander was left fending for his younger brother alone in the world. This is a dark romance and I can understand the need they had for each other like an anchor.

Some parts I found not particularly needed... primarily Mia and friend in France.. For me this couple wasn't about that, they where about a deeper connection between themselves and this somewhat spoiled it for me. Some parts also felt rushed but hey this was a fast paced couple who done nothing by halves.

The end few chapters where the best for me! Jake finding Lila and Alexander realizing the error of his ways.. I ate up those pages!

I really truly want to get to know Jake and I hope he gets a book of his own. He is a very complex character who's head I really want to get inside.

This book would appeal to fans of Christen Grey.

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