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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lea Nolan - His billion dollar baby

His Billion Dollar BabyHis Billion Dollar Baby by Lea Nolan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gwen is a woman who has had it hard but always fought to get what she wanted in life, its not been easy but she has never given up. One crazy moment in time she decides to feel instead of think. She has a one night stand with a client and ends up pregnant.

Ben her friend who is the father to her unborn child dies while on deployment and never finds out Gwen is pregnant. Wanting to so desperately to share the news with him she attends the funeral and puts a sonogram picture in the casket.

Only to be caught out by Carter Anderson, Cater has been burned before by his ex wife. He knows how women can be manipulators and users to get what they want, and the Anderson fortune is huge. He suspicious of Gwen and makes it known from the very start.

What he doesn't expect is to grow to love Gwen with that he becomes torn between his heart and his brain. His heart is falling for this woman and her unborn child - possibly his brothers baby. However his brain is telling him to save his family company from the hands of a stranger at all costs.

This is an enjoyable story, pretty predictable but awesome characters none the less. I liked hearing about the histories of both Carter and Gwen - seeing what shaped them to become the people they where.

I just wished this story contained a more finer details, it did feel rushed in places.

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