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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

H.M Ward - Second chances


A Standalone Novel by New York Times Bestselling author H.M. Ward and Stacey Mosteller. Sex. Betrayal. Forbidden Love. Lawn Boy.

I'm not a catch, I'm not even certain I'm what they'd call 'mentally stable,' not anymore. Too much has happened too fast and it ripped my soul in half. I'm alone, with a plastic stick in my hand that says the one word we'd been so eager to see.


Lucky in love once is a miracle, but I lost him, and this baby is all I have left. My life turned to ash in a blink and there's nothing I can do about it.

Years pass and I'm still here, but it doesn't feel like it, not until the lawn guy, Daniel Clemment, checks me out. Me. A yoga-panting, pony tailing, frumpy-butt, frizzy mommy who's covered in whatever the baby tossed on me at lunch.

Daniel's dark eyes linger too long, as if he likes what he sees. I'm shocked and flattered, but he's too young. The age gap between us is over a decade, but that doesn't stop him. If I sleep with him everyone will think I've lost my mind. Maybe I have, because everyday that I see Dan's sexy, toned body glistening in the sunlight, I consider feeling him pressed against me, naked. The few times his fingers grazed my skin were heaven, but once the clothes come off--he's a god and I'm... me.

I've been alone for so long. Surely one kiss won't hurt anything, one taste of his mouth should be harmless. Things don't have to go that far, but I'm wrong.

Love only comes around once in a lifetime. Only fools think otherwise, and I'm the biggest fool of them all.

My Review:

Wow that's what comes to mind when I read this book, and not because something spectacular happened, but I guess in its own way it did. This is a very real story with real emotions that any of us could deal with. That's what makes this story stay with you long after you read THE END. 

Gen is a woman who built from a young love a whole family which was ripped away from her very cruelly and without warning due to war. This is something that happens every day! She picks herself up but doesn't know how to move on, how to let go of the past... Will people judge her if she doesn't grieve the right way? Can she be everything her son needs? 

How does one even date after years? We read about her fears and self doubt which many women have gone through and we all have doubted our worth, image and beauty on some level we can sympathize with her. 

It's heart breaking and tear jerking but it puts society and it's views into perspective - Dan was an amazing man who has dealt with hurt in his own way, who is loving, caring and giving as well as so strong and a great male role model for Gen's son. He understands her in a way that nobody else can because he has seen her struggle. But because of an age gap  people judge, assume and talk... Happiness is happiness and I rooted for this couple to hold onto theirs with both hands and not let go. 

I cried, I laughed, I angered, feared and finally delighted in this couple - Great reading  

Awesome Author collaboration.. 

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