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Saturday, January 17, 2015

I joined the gym

So I joined the gym! Who would of thought that would ever happen, not me that's for sure. I just felt it was time to do something, get back on track. My health last year wasn't great and from surgery I had in September until now I gained a good 15lbs. It was depressing and while I've always been relatively slender I could really feel the difference in my body it was making me unhappy.

To be completely honest though the thought of joining a gym scared me. My friend convinced me to join her gym Retro Fitness. So I thought.. Why not?! Pulling up to the gym parking lot I felt huge amounts of pressure, I was nervous and my hands where sweating.
The idea of somebody else seeing me work out freaked me out, I didn't want to be looked at or judged.

To my surprised none of my fears where reality I love Retro! The staff where super friendly and the fees where reasonable. They even offered babysitting services so I can't use my kids as an excuse for missing a work out. I finally have my motivation back! Plus my kids have so much fun in the babysitting room - My children assure me the staff are always super nice to them. (Mommy win!)

While I've seen this gym get mixed reviews I can honestly say I'm in love. A lot of people want the earth, bells, whistles and all with there $20 gym membership. You need to remember Retro is a back to basics gym.

I got the $20 a month membership - unlimited gym
My husband got the $30 a month membership - gym- child care - classes

So for $50 a month we can both stay in shape while our kids play!

While Retro may not be as "Fancy" as other places I find it neat... There is a smoothie bar, tanning and my most favorite feature - The movie theater - You can work out and watch movies! Plus most machines have an ipod dock and tv, plus the Retro App lets you keep account of your work outs.

I'm super excited to start shedding the lbs and getting my health back on track.
Thank you Retro for offering me exactly what I needed at a price I could afford!

My opinions are my own - I am not in contact with anybody who works with this gym

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