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Friday, January 23, 2015

M.A. Stacie *NetGalley* Beyond the Seduction

Beyond the Seduction (Reluctance, #3)Beyond the Seduction by M.A. Stacie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trace Jacks we met in book 1 of the Reluctance series, he was the brother of Dale and worked at the Metro. In book 3 we find out more about this lovable character other then him being Big brother to Dale, we get to delve deeper into his life and I for one was truly excited!

Trace is having a rough time of it, this is the understatement of the century! He just found out his girlfriend had cheated on him - multiple times!! Not only that but his daughter isn't really his. Needless to say he is one messed up dude and needs to stay as far away from the female population as possible.

Until he meets Shae his niece's dance teacher who for the first time in weeks has made him crack a smile. Shae is drawn to the intriguing blue eyes of Trace Jacks but their is something about him that rubs her completely the wrong way. She knows their is a story behind him however she has enough to deal with right now - Her mother - Daddy issues and the dance studio. The last thing she needs to take on is Trace Jacks and his haunted past.

But sometimes your head and your body want two very separate things!

Loved this book! I wanted to know more about Trace from the very start and I am glad I got to know him better he truly was a stand up guy. I thought he and Shae complimented each other very well, and I enjoyed the banter between this couple.
I was so happy to see the author bring all our favorite characters back together in this book. It's always awesome to see character development with our favorites.

M.A. Stacie did an awesome job with an incredible series - Any Fan of Melody Anne would also enjoy the Reluctance Series

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