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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scale Obsession

As you all know I joined the dreaded gym a little while ago, I've been going maybe 5 days a week whenever I could fit it in. Then I noticed myself becoming obsessed with the scale, the numbers on the scale where not moving...I would step on that thing numerous times a day! Until I had to mentally shake myself and tell myself I was being utterly ridiculous.

I have certainly notice positive changes in myself - 

  • My IBS isn't out of control any more because I monitor what I eat more closely.
  • I'm most definitely eating a lot better then I was.
  • I find myself with more energy to do things.
  • My activity level is so much better I find I can go 5 miles on the Elliptical in 30 minutes for me this is huge, I have mild Cerebral Palsy so my legs are my weakness.

I feel different! These things are not to be sniffed at its truly amazing! So finally I come to realize that health is more then just a number, its a life style its a health choice.
I know we can get caught up in the scale numbers but what we all must remember is lower numbers doesn't always mean healthy, everything comes in time.

Wonderful aids I've found to help me are:

The Fitness pal App - Diet is key! 
 Skinny Mom: this site is amazing from Meal ideas to fitness tips its a win!

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