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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Saints Wife - Lauren Gallagher

The Saint's WifeThe Saint's Wife by Lauren Gallagher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Saint's wife is a quick read that deals with some complex issues. Joanna has been stuck in a marriage that has worn her down over the years, while the abuse wasn't physical its emotional and has her vulnerable. She made the break and left him for her own sanity, only to have Chris's best friend David come and find her. Chris is sick with Cancer his time of earth is limited and he wants his wife with him.

David has always thought of Joanna as a gold digging selfish bitch, but after he convinces her to go back to his dying friend Chris he starts to see things in a different light altogether.

My heart hurt for Joanna it really did, I tried to find something redeemable in Chris.. Because who wants to dislike the dying character but it was hard until maybe the last chapter.
Joanna was a simple character who just wanted love, while Chris seen her as a Trophy wife and something he owned.

I was pleased that David got to see Joanna in a different light they made a beautiful couple and while I don't like cheating their were so many wrongs done to this pair that you can't dislike them. They found solace in each other when times where truly rough. They where good people who seemingly did the right thing in the end.

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