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We are big soccer fans at my house, We love outdoor advantages such as hiking, biking and attending sporting events. My daughter is a mini me we share a love for all things country!

My husband and I recently joined the gym so fitness is a big part of our day..

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Healthy Eating

One of the most daunting tasks about changing your lifestyle is FOOD. Healthy eating seems like such a big task, one that we assume could take so much time in prepping. A huge misconception is that healthy means bland, boring and repetitive which doesn't have to be the case.

I'm far from Martha or Betty Crocker lol, but what I've found is that sometimes we over look the huge advantage of the INTERNET! This is a great resource for research and meal ideas.

I went on www.pinterest.com and found EGG MUFFINS!

These where super easy to make all you need is:

  • A muffin tray
  • Vegetables you like best
  • Eggs
You whisk your eggs as you would scrambled eggs, I added a little skim milk to mine and pour the mix into the tray over your veggies. Pop them into the oven for 15-20 minutes and that's it! 4 eggs made 6 muffins. My muffins where between 90-100 cals in my eyes that is a win! Don't be afraid to add and try new things in your muffins. 

Quick and Easy dinner meal: Shrimp with Brown rice and Veggies

We love the idea of a healthy home cooked meal but time isn't always on our side. That doesn't mean we have to fall back on tv dinners or compromise on taste. @BirdsEye make bags of steam fresh veggies, peppers, even brown rice that lock in that awesome taste and flavor.

What I used: 

  • Cooked Shrimp 
  • Birds Eye Brown Rice
  • Birds Eye Steam Fresh Veggies (add your favorites)
  • Goya Seasoning 
  • Chili powder to give it a little spice. 
I threw everything together in a skillet and it took me maybe 15 minutes to cook everything!

What have you been eating this week?

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