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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Healthy Life - cheaper

It's come to my attention that since beginning my healthier journey that it is a wide misconception you need to spend a lot of money in order to lose weight and become healthy. 
From food to shakes and working out you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to work out.


Fruits and Veg can be pricey, but is it really anymore then the processed junk we buy? My big vice in life is coffee I love my coffee and don't think to spend $5 on a coffee at my local coffee house! So with that in mind is it really so different? I don't think so..
Supermarkets do tend to be more expensive.. so shop in season... Apples are super cheap right now because its winter.
I found the love of the FARMERS MARKET it is so much cheaper I can go in with $25 and come out with lots of different fruits and veg! FIND YOUR LOCAL STORE.


Everybody assumes a magic shake will make us thin.. not the case. We can get proteins from other foods such as chicken. However if you do like a shake, which I do because it makes an easy breakfast MAKE YOUR OWN! You really don't need to buy $30-$40 protein shakes! I pop whatever I feel like in the blender... fruit, veg, ice, oats and if you want that protein boost try GREEK YOGURT.
You don't need $100 blenders, I got the Bella Pro for $50, half the price of the bigger brand name.


We have the great benefit of the Internet in this day and age! YOU TUBE! You can find full workouts on You tube and work out in the comfort of your home without spending a penny!

**Always consult a doctor before starting a work out routine**

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