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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jodi Ellen Malpas - One night bk 3 - Unveiled

Unveiled (One Night, #3)Unveiled by Jodi Ellen Malpas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG I never thought I could love another trilogy as much as I loved This Man by this author, how incredibly wrong I was!
This series had me enthralled from book one... Every word ate up, every page turned faster then the last.

Being an avid reader from England but living in America when I read a book based out of England I always find myself thinking "well we don't talk like that" But Jodi had an amazing balance when writing about the seedy underworld of London.

Dealing with such dark and gritty issues, but at times having me laugh out loud so long I had to wipe away tears from laughter (Nan at Harrods with the pineapple) will stay with me for a long time lol.

Olivia was an awesome character with a damaged past. A woman with a hooker as a mother, a women she doesn't even know or recall that well. she finds it hard to become her own person. With constant reminders of how much like her mother she is and an increasing pull to a world she's trying to escape its a everyday battle in which her Taylor Sass serves her!

Her closed off world all changed when Miller arrived with a "boom" making everything seem brighter. The passion is hot, the attraction deep everything with them seems to be on borrowed time. One night was never enough but now with "interference" by others at every turn its getting harder to ignore and remain together.

Miller was pushed into the lifestyle he has, no joy came from it its a matter of survival. Now hes trying to escape these invisible chains and his painful past to be with the woman he loves, not an easy task, putting them both in danger. He knows he will protect Livy until his last dying breathe and it possibly may come to that.

This final installment has characters come back and family questions answered. This was a couple who's love overcome every obstacle it just couldn't be denied and made for awesome reading. I loved how the author brought everything together! It ended so well... I will miss these characters, I'm very sad to say goodbye... Maybe a spin off for Cassie and Tony??? ;) Just and idea.


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