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Monday, May 4, 2015

Summer is coming!

It's almost 5 weeks before my kids get out of school for summer vacation. Lately I've heard parents say they have no idea what to do with there kids during this time. How they get bored extremely fast and it can become expensive. 

This got me thinking so I asked my 4 year old daughter what summer meant to her "Mommy summer vacation is a time where a kid can go outside and just be a kid" 

What a great answer in the most simple form!  With that being said I started to think about things we could do that would see us through summer with out breaking the bank.


Check out your local parks and visit each of them through out your summer. In my area some of the parks even have sprinkler fun during the summer, while others have flower gardens, tennis courts and basket ball courts


A lot of local libraries offer a children's activities calender that's free! I know at my local library they offer Arts and Crafts, Reading groups and even FREE museum passes. 


In my family we love to Hike in the woods, the kids get to experience seeing different animals while exercising in a fun way and enjoying there environment.  


A lot of the time beaches are FREE you just pay for parking! Worried about the price of food and drinks? Take a cooler and make a picnic for your family to enjoy. 


Now the town pool can cost you, having said that if you buy your passes pre season its usually at a discount then if you where to buy them once its opened. Also the expense is for the enjoyment of all season and sometimes covers other events your town might be hosting. Like for example my town does a "Movie at the pool night"

Other must haves at my house during the summer is water balloons, Side walk chalk and water guns! The best place to buy this stuff is at the dollar store.

What do you like to do with your family during the summer?

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