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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Arrangement 19 HM WARD

The Arrangement 19: The Ferro FamilyThe Arrangement 19: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got an ARC in return for an honest review...

My jaw was left hanging after finishing The arrangement 19, I don't know whether to cry or be marveled at the way Ms Wards mind must work for the current turn of events.
This installment picks up right after the Ferro mansion has been blown up, Avery and Sean are in hiding from Avery's brother.
Sean is everything I want him to be, finally! We get the Sean we have waited for!! Then Avery goes and loses her sh*t I honestly don't think I can take it!

He told her multiple times to stop over thinking, and to certainly stop thinking about doing something reckless... what does she do? Do something Reckless!!

Sometimes I could strangle this girl, I totally understand why she wants to save her man but doesn't she know they work better together then apart? They are each others other half. THEY HAVE TO BE TOGETHER!

I loved the insights into Sean, seeing how he can be and his sharing memories of how the Ferro family once where.

I for one really hope Avery's plan unfolds just how she needs it too, or she may have lost Sean forever.

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