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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Bed Bug Stigma

Recently I experienced one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. My apartment got bed bugs! While that may sound a little melodramatic, let me tell you until you have suffered through this experience you really have no idea!

Sitting on my couch one of these dreaded bugs walk across my arm, my first thought is oh no it can't be.. sure enough I had bed bugs. I was honestly seeing tunnel vision, how can this be!? I'm a clean freak! Bed bugs only go into dirty homes right? WRONG

My daughter over this summer has had a bunch of kids inside to play, living in an apartment complex I guess at some point it was going to happen. It later came to my attention that one of my neighbors had bed bugs and yup sure enough that kid visited my house BOOM.

I went to war with my complex management hello why do people have infestations where I live and nothing was done to prevent this issue? Needless to say they wasn't pleased with my outburst so made me wait a week to get fumigated!

Wait a week? ARE YOU CRAZY I can see them and they breed like wild fire. My kids have allergies no way could I just wait a week with these suckers.

I couldn't eat or sleep I was scared of the dark and slept with a light and a bottle of rubbing alcohol next to me in order to spray the ones I seen. The anxiety was out of control really I can't explain it to you. I never felt more alone in this period, Friends who have known me stayed away.. While I understand because nobody wants bugs it hurt bad! I felt like I was being punished for something that wasn't my fault.

In the week I waited for the Fumigation I became proactive:

  • Wash all Clothes, fabrics, linens, sheets etc on a hot wash and dry on a hot heat
  • Declutter your house anything you can get rid of do it! Those little bugs like to get in EVERYTHING!
  • Get rid of the source if its your mattress, couch etc and you can afford to get rid.. do it! If not then get mattress covers with zippers. It prevents bugs getting out and new ones getting in.
  • I sprayed all my kids toys with alcahol and disinfectant 
  • Put everything in black bags and tie them 
If you can afford to get a fumigation then do it! Its expensive but these things are hell to get rid of, If you rent tell your land lord ASAP. Don't use Sprays such as Raid from what I've read this spray although kills on contact will only send the bugs you don't see to other area's of your home. 

  • Vacuum like a crazy person everything that can be! Use a steamer if you have one.. Always empty the bag because they can still survive your vacuum. 
If you can not afford an fumigator be prepared for a battle! After researching like a crazy person I found that the most effective results come from multiple sources used together, sprays, powders etc.

  • Temprid 
  • Bayer Advanced 
  • Harris bed bug killer
  • Boric acid 
  • DE powder 
Now am NOT stating this will get rid of your problem but I figured I would share what other people where saying out there since I know how lonely this experience can be. If you do get a company in then be prepared for more then one visit! So look for a company who come over a few visits.

Final thought!

So many people have bed bugs and don't even know it. If it happens to you it doesn't mean you are "dirty" your kids can go to school and have a bug "hitch" a ride home, you can go out to watch a movie and one be left behind from the previous person, taxi's, trains, buses, hotel rooms? You see where I'm going with this?

Whats KEY is you be proactive in your quest to get rid of this... Even if it means drilling holes in your wall to put powder in them! Cos sometimes a girl just gotta do what she has to in order to get her life back . 

Good luck 

This post is about my own personal experience, I am not speaking on behalf of a company or guaranteeing you a same result, you are responsible for your own actions 

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