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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter is here!

If you live in a state that gets cold then listen up... I can not believe I am writing a post addressing this issue but I felt I had too!
I was visiting my child's school for a meeting with the teacher, I was sitting in the reception area when a young pre k student came through the doors. This child was wearing a zip up hoodie and was crying because his face and body hurt so much. The secretary then rush this child to the school nurse to be warmed up.
I was so angry that a parent would send a small child to school in just a hoodie! The temp is only 19 and with wild chill factor -4 I was seriously outraged.

Now I know that we don't know every child's circumstance, maybe the family is struggling..but in regards to my child's school and community the school links up with the local food bank and we have a clothes drive HELP IS AT HAND!

So I thought of tips to help parents get their child to school during winter:

  1. Bundle up - Layers !! Personally I always do a long sleeve T shirt, hoodie and then coat.
  2. Scarfs, hats, gloves - This doesn't have to be an expensive buy.. places like Walmart and the Dollar store sell such things at an awesome price
  3. Pack extra clothing in your child's back pack - I know in the smaller classes especially they have cubbies in which they can store an extra outfit if needed.
  4. Everybody is getting sick this time of year - Ask your child's teacher if the class needs any hand sanitizer or tissues that way we can limit germs in class.
  5. If you have extra scarfs, gloves etc have your child carry extra maybe his/her classmate is without and would appreciate it.   

If parents need help please speak to your child's school they are there to help you! Please don't bring your child to school in just a hoodie its dangerous for them!

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