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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1st blog - The immortals

HEY! this is my first blog, lets hope I will be able to keep this one going. I have a bad habit of starting them and getting bored! We will see how long this one lasts.. I'm not a GREAT blogger nor do i claim to be my spelling sucks and i love using !!! all over the place which is probably making a mess of the English language and sending many people into a stroke LOL but oh well blogs are meant to be fun and not a university essay.

I intend to write about the goings on in my sometimes crazy hectic life, things I like & things I don't.


I have just read the first 3 books in the immortals series by Alyson Noel.

Evermore - Since her horrible accident 16yr old Ever is able to hear peoples thoughts and see peoples aura's. She goes out of her way to avoid people hiding herself behind hoodies and baggy clothes. Until the new kid at school changes everything, she feels like she knows him but can't think how. Hes sexy wealthy and everybody wants to know him, he can make things disappear and reappear. While hes around he is able to silence the constant noise in her head, and why is it he seems to know what shes thinking? she doesn't know who or what exactly he is.

Bluemoon - Ever is learning all about being immortal with Damon's help to show her the way. There is a new kid in school Roman who Ever can't help but feel negative about, there is something creepy about him. When the whole school starts acting weird including Damon she knows she has to do something before its too late. Damon is getting sick and Ever needs to travel to summerland to find the answers. When given the chance to go back in time and see her parents or stay with Damon its a choice she has a hard time making.. but will the choice she makes put everything back in balance?

Shadowland- A curse falls on Damon he can not touch Ever in any way it really is a matter of life or death. While in search for the cure Ever begins to work at a magic store where she meets Jude. Although they have only just met he seems very familiar to her, although she knows Damon is her soul mate and is loyal to him she can't help but wonder about Jude.

My opinion:

I like the series I do! I read the books very fast and it holds some great characters.
Miles I love! very camp and funny.. The story has a lot of dynamic and can go far, however this is not twilight and I feel a lot of people read these books thinking it would be its not. If your the type of person who likes to know everything right away, this is not the series for you. Noel does not like to give much of anything away and honestly at times can leave the reader frustrated.
I will carry on with the series because I am the type of girl who once ive started I need to know what happens! BUT if your only just starting these books be prepared at one point i actually found myself cursing out Ever while telling Damon to man up and wanting to hit Roman in his chakra lol.

My rating would be a 4 out of 5.

Dark flame the 4th book is out the end of June

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