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Monday, June 21, 2010

Telling Tales

Every night I read to my 3 year old son. Recently I bought him a book of fairy tales by Brother Grimm. I didn't really ever pay any mind to tales before, I thought every fairy tale has a good positive moral for a child to learn. However after reading Hansel and Gretel to my son it made me stop and think!

This story is about a Father who leaves his kids in the woods because his new wife says there isn't enough food for them all.

The kids find food at an evil witches house who wants to cook them.

They escape after killing the witch and head home with there goodies, to find there Father who is so pleased to see them because his wife actually up and left him and he was alone and hungry.

SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT LOL... this story is about Abandonment, Famine and poor parenting.
and these stories are meant to be good? I mean I'm failing to see the positive side.

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