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Thursday, June 10, 2010

World cup 2010

The world cup 2010 is here! and although I am excited because we are huge soccer fans in my house I'm also a little apprehensive. Who thought South Africa was a good place to hold such an event?

1, All of there arena's where not finished by the deadlines given.

2, Africa is a place which is fighting with itself.

3, There has already been violence! friendly games cancelled because of "fans" storming the games and fighting.

4, The Colombian team.. which is a poorer team by the way has already been robbed!

5, There has been terrorist plans found for the USA vs ENGLAND game and who thought it was a good idea to put the two countries in the war playing in the same group!

In my opinion fifa was asking a lot from a country which has a lot of issues. Its just like painting a red bulls eye target on everybody. The question is if I, an everyday person can see these issues why haven't the people in power?

Here is to a peaceful world cup!

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