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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saying to much!

I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and at 38 weeks I am going to have a C-section. This wasn't by choice but from medical opinion. Ive been to see 2 doctors who told me the same thing,
during my 1st labor which was natural my son got stuck in my pelvis so after 10+ of labor and 2hrs + of pushing they used the vacuum to pull him out. In doing this I suffered a lot of muscle damage and nerve damage. If I was to have a natural birth this time it would put a lot of strain on my baby as well as cause even more damage to me resulting in surgery anyways.

It seems when people hear I'm having a C-section they all have opinions! so far Ive heard
  • Real women don't have C-sections... REALLY Real women take care of there children Real women put the well being and health of there child first. This is what I'm doing!
  • Why would opt for a C-section its lazy... Nothing about child birth is "easy" which ever way you do it. I didn't opt for anything it wasn't a choice i had. I cant really say I'm looking forward to getting my gut cut open while being awake... but that's a stroll in the park right.

Then there is the people who love to share the horror stories, I was out at a festival last weekend when a woman i didn't know thought it was her responsibility to give me her opinion.

Comments made:

  • Its so much more worse then giving birth naturally
  • Don't take pain meds or they wont leave the baby with you
  • They strap you to the bed
  • you wont be able to stand straight for 3 months

HELLO do i need to know this stuff really all these people are now doctors... more like DR no MD. some people are so ignorant! Really stop talking if it was so easy we would all be doctoring and have masters.

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