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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr


The new peace between the Summer King and the Winter Queen isn't good for everyone: those of the Dark Court, who feed on faeries’ destructive emotions, are dangerously weakened. Irial, King of the Dark Court, needs a solution, and he finds one in the Summer Queen’s mortal friend Leslie. Tormented by memories of abuse, Leslie wants nothing more than to reclaim her body by getting a tattoo, but the enchanted design she selects provides Irial with a direct link to mortals’ emotions. The tattoo binds Leslie and Irial together even as a third faerie works to prevent their destructive yet seductive connection.

My Opinion:

First of all Ive read many reviews and comments about the book dealing with Rape, drugs and other dark issues, being a young adult book maybe its not suitable?
I don't feel this is the case... This book is dark but its dealing with the dark court of the fey. The issues that arise in this book are well placed and in context, its important to telling the story.
Books are for learning and I feel its important young people learn about such serious issues, and if more people wrote about them then maybe we wouldn't have as many young people committing suicide because of bullying etc.

Anyways on to the story!

Leslie is a strong character even though we see her depending on others through out the book we also see her make tough choices and survive time and again... with an absent mother, a drunk father and a druggie brother the mortals in this book seems as bad as the non humans.

Even the people who were supposed to be looking out for her I feel did it for there own manipulation. Keenan as a character Ive grown to detest!! hes sneaky and shady and not true to the person he portrays... it really made me so sad to see what he did to Niall in this book. At least with those in the dark court you know what they are they don't pretend to be anything else.

Aislinn I didn't feel was much better, yes she had her court try to protect Seth and Leslie but her lies but them in danger... she also knew how bad Leslie's life was, about the rape but at one point in the book practically called her easy! HORRIBLE!

Niall my heart broke for, he was so genuine and fought his own urges to try and keep Leslie safe I feel his love for her was real. He was a fabulous strong male character he didn't pretend he was perfect, he knew he had faults but he did his best to stay on the right track. I couldn't get enough of him in this story! I hope he stays the same..

King Irial, shows us that at least some of these repulsive creatures in his court are capable of great virtue: Irial is a devoted caretaker of his people, capable of true friendship, self-sacrifice, and sensitivity. It is moving when he exhibits these qualities, and then doubly repulsive when he sets them aside. I really don't know what to feel about him, I didn't like the things he did. I feel his selfish dark nature was just to powerful for him to be anything else... but under it all there were glimpses of positive qualities. I do believe he cared for Leslie but in his own way. I have a hard time forming an opinion about him...

When the book ended I felt like there was more to say, I wanted an happy ever after for Leslie and Niall.
But I see see why Marr didn't let it Irial said: "Sometimes love means letting go when you want to hold on tighter."

Leslie needed to make her own way in life. I just hope we hear about these two again.
I love this book! Melissa Marr has a great way of creating a whole world within a novel.

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