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Monday, November 22, 2010

Wicked lovely books - Melissa Marr

Fragile Eternity

This is the books that continues the story of Ash, Seth and Keenan. With summer approaching Ash and Keenan find themselves more drawn to each other because of their bound. Leaving Seth feeling left out and some what jealous of the fact he has to share his gf. Seth goes on a vest trying to find out if he can become Fae, that way he wont be weak and can be with Ash forever.
Seth disappears and Ash doesn't know where he is... deep in depression she turns to Keenan for comfort and love from the court.

My opinion:

I almost feel bad for Keenan in this book, I mean I get it hes in love with the winter queen but is trying to persuade his summer queen to love him for the sake of the court. I GET IT! BUT having said that hes still an ass am sorry but hes not the only one who has feelings and the way he kept picking up and dropping the winter queen in this book was horrible! AND the fact that he knew where Seth was and didn't tell Ash.. when will this boy learn manipulation will not get you anywhere.
Although I did feel bad for him when he realises he messed everything up and the Winter queen wont give him her love. So in this book you do see a side to Keenan we haven't seen before... the fairy king who knows what he has to do for his court, but on the other side.. the Man who if he had no responsibility would be with the woman he loves.

You really feel for Seth in this book. He is very aware of Aislinn's new role as a Fey Queen. He is also very aware of his mortality. Seth struggles to find and keep his place with Aislinn while reassuring himself that she loves only him and not Keenan. In this book he search for a way to maintain that assurance.

Ash does a lot of back and fourth in this book it kind of gets too much at the end, in parts I felt like she wanted her cake and eat it too. She is easy manipulated which is annoying because you would think she would realise the type of people around her by now.

Niall well I was glad to see him again he is my favorite character.. Marr got the balance of darkness he displays just right... a little naughty but just enough so his character doesn't change too drastically. Hes seriously yummy I think I'd give my allegiance to the dark court any day! lol

I love it!! and while number 2 is still my favorite book thus far... this book is still a good addition.

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