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Friday, January 28, 2011

Seriously am I being unreasonable

I am going out of my mind stir crazy! We got new neighbors going back a few months ago who moved in up stairs, although I think I should really call them a platoon there is so many.
Lord give me strength i can not bare it any more. Club noise level music since day one! I have complained so many times to the rental office its become my regular Monday routine.
Two things in the past week have been the kicker for me:

1. Instead of taking there trash out the came downstairs and left it there in the entrance hall outside my door. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & it was there all weekend! you have to leave at some point you couldn't of taken it out when you went to your car??

2. 9:40pm last Sunday they decided to put there music back at club noise level for a get together. My kids are already in bed! my husband asks them to lower the music and the retards says and I quote "well what time is it the law says i can have this this loud til 10pm"

OMG I am losing my sanity and of course they ignored us and of course the music did not go off at 10pm... I don't understand I really don't if people have to leave your apartment to talk on there cell phones your music is too loud! Ive got strangers in and out of my building sounding like elephants in the middle of the night.

I'm not asking you to turn off your music I am asking you just to listen to it at a level that respects the people around you why is this too much to ask... and its the same everyday for at least 6hrs... word for word i can hear there music as if i was playing it. I mean I really don't think I'm being unreasonable so why the hell are these people being such A-holes about it.

AND whats making me even more angry is there is a whole bunch of them up there and when you sign lease for these apartments it states only 4people to each apartment. So there in violation with having freaking pull out beds and people sleeping in there living room like total hicks!

Lord help me please.

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