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Friday, February 4, 2011

All Is Forgiven

4:30pm yesterday my cell starting calling - Id says its the hubby

Hello - I answer

Hey Kid its me I am doing the tax returns and want to know the kids and your date of birth

You don't know our dates are you kidding me - I proceed to give him our D.O.B... You know Sophia's right since she was just like born!

Yea shes October right?

NO! shes September, REALLY? shame on you for not knowing your kids birthdays

I do I do It's just am bad with dates and I want to double check before it goes to IRS

uh huh. OK bye

OK bye

1hr later he returns - hey kid I got you something

& all was forgiven... My husband is a clever dude he knows for sure he can bribe me with any kind of treat.

Ugh I disgust myself my will power is so easily broken when it comes to junk food and let me tell you those little strawberry hearts were yummy!

So I have to ponder this thought is it so bad that Dony had temporary amnesia and forgot our birthdays? If the result was Dunkin Donuts strawberry and cream pink

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