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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 17 Vday boycott challenege

You can still join in the fun here at Lost in the View

Day 17

A pic from my morning and a song that I hear WAY too often on the radio

A picture from my morning I am really trying to battle the dreaded muffin top!

Hot 97 have a way of over playing songs to death when they are new, you know its been on the radio a lot when a 4yr old knows the words (which I am not to impressed with)

This poem is out of a book called My Hippo had the Hiccups & when I read it I automatically thought of my son. Whenever you tell him to do ANYTHING its always a big production since hes the worlds biggest drama king.

Today I Had a Problem

Today I had a problem
when I tried to make my bed.
My blankets and my comforter
got wrapped around my head.
I went to fluff the pillows
but the pillow cover tore,
and feathers flew all over
as I stumbled 'round the floor.
I accidentally grabbed the sheets
and pulled them as I fell.
I have to say, it seems
my day's not starting off too well.
I tripped upon a pillowcase
and landed in a heap.
Good grief! That's it! I'm staying here
and going back to sleep!

--Kenn Nesbitt

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Unknown said...

oh god. I couldn't get through the beginning of that. Horrible! Does it get any better?

Unknown said...